Headquarters and Plant

Koxka plant is located in Pamplona (North of Spain). It has 32.000m2 surface and more than 500 employees Europe wide dedicated to the production and sale of refrigerated display cases (remote and plug in) for the food retailers and the Food& Beverage Industry. The R&D Center is located at the headquarters in Pamplona.

Koxka offers installation, service and retrofit solutions as well.

The factory has the most advanced managing systems in order to guarantee the quality of the products, the security of its employees and the environment protection.

Manufacturing plant 20.000m2
Wharehouse 7.400m2
Laboratories 1.000m2
Offices 3.800m2
Personal oficina Koxka

Some of the Koxka office employees.

Personal taller Koxka

Some of the Koxka factory employees.

planta Koxka Pamplona

Factory and HQ in Pamplona (Spain)


Mapa localizacion Koxka Spain

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Headquarters: K Refrigeration Group S.L., Polígono Landaben C/A s/n - 31012 Pamplona, Spain. Tel: +34 948 18 81 00, email: info@krefgroup.com. NIF: B/71 241558